How to Speed Up a SOLIDWORKS Composer Animation Export

Article by Vipanjot Kaur, CSWP updated February 10, 2021


SOLIDWORKS Composer can often take an extended amount of time to export animations as MP4. The main cause for the slow processing is due to the number of animation keys within the animation key track.

There could be a lot of extra unwanted keys in an animation which do not serve any purpose in the key track, these additional keys can be deleted.

Animation keys can get added when you drag and drop views to create animations that duplicate the keys of each actor over and over again. Another cause can be transforming parts one by one rather than using assembly mode.

Delete unused animation keys

To solve this issue you can simply delete the additional unused keys:

  1. Go to Animate Tab > Click on Delete unused keys.
  2. The confirmation window pops up.
  3. Click OK on the confirmation.

The animation still remains the same just the extra keys are deleted which reduces the file-size and improves the export processing time.

Delete unused keys in SOLIDWORKS Composer animation

Delete unused keys in animation

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