3D Online Product Configurator using SOLIDWORKS and DriveWorks

Video by TriMech Solutions, LLC updated May 14, 2021

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About the Video

Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) and Product Configurator systems offer many advantages for companies that design configurable products. Particularly when the interface includes 3D graphics and can be accessed online by sales reps, dealers or end customers.

The benefits of this technology are even greater for manufacturers of industrial products because of the many business tasks that can be automated.

Who needs an Online Product Configurator?

Watch the on demand webinar below if you:

  • Design configurable or custom products
  • Suffer from a disconnect between quoting and design
  • Take too long to generate quotes and drawings and Bills of Materials
  • Sell through dealers or direct to customer
  • Are seeking to improve your web presence

We show you how to use an Online Product Configurator to get digital. It’s time to automate to innovate – make better use of precious time so your people can land new customers, be creative, improve your products and processes, and grow your business.

Learn more about CPQ Systems

Javelin can provide you with a Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) solution using the DriveWorks add-in for SOLIDWORKS; that allows a customer to specify their requirements and receive an instant quote for their chosen specification.

CPQ systems make it easy for your customer to specify what they need and for you to rapidly provide them with a price. If the process of receiving a quote from your company is not easy then our CPQ system will solve that problem.

Visit our website to learn more about CPQ or download the white paper below:

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