7 Time-saving Paths to Simplified Prototyping with the Stratasys J35

Article by Stratasys Ltd. updated June 24, 2021


Product designers and engineers are often faced with same challenge — how to make a prototype faster and easier. Learn how a cost effective office-friendly Stratasys 3D printer can help.

Creating parts and prototypes that test form, fit and function can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive to make using traditional methods. But, prototyping allows for product verification and validation prior to final production — which leads to a better part or product.

Prototyping with Stratasys

Prototyping with Stratasys

Ideally, designers and engineers should have access to an in-house 3D printing tool that can help them test and iterate designs quickly to meet demands while keeping costs to a minimum. That’s where the Stratasys® J35™ Pro 3D printer comes in. In this article, we’ll review how the Stratasys J35 Pro provides fast and easy prototyping, while reducing production costs and simplifying your design workflows.

An all-in-one prototyping solution

Supporting different engineering and design needs during various stages of the product development cycle can be challenging. However, when you have engineering-grade, multi-material 3D printing at your fingertips, a lot more is possible. Built for a wide range of industries, including consumer electronics, education, automotive, aerospace and medical, the J35 Pro 3D printer can produce models, parts and prototypes that meet your needs — all in-house.

3D Printed Prototype

3D Printed Prototype

Office- and workflow-friendly design.

With the J35 Pro, you get all the benefits of an in-house, engineering-grade printer without the hassle thanks to a small footprint, low-maintenance design and silent, odor-free operation. Additionally, you get access to a full ecosystem of workflow tools designed to streamline your process, including cloud-based service, print-to-click software, on-demand training and an online support community.

High-fidelity prototypes, faster decisions

Preliminary prototypes can now look, feel and function like the final product. This is because the J35™ Pro features PolyJet™ technology, which allows you to combine grayscale color, transparency, texture and moving parts to create realistic models that key decision-makers can hold in hand. As a result, quicker design decisions can be made.

Time- and cost-saving production

Design steps that were once outsourced can now be created in-house in a fraction of the time, which saves both time and design budget. The J35™ Pro also enables you to iterate, correct errors and verify designs more efficiently, so you can get the final design to market faster. Additionally, the J35™ Pro offers multi-material printing capabilities at a lower investment compared to other PolyJet multi-material solutions.

Simplified Workflow

With the Stratasys J35 your CAD files can be easily printed with GrabCAD Print:

Stratasys J35 GrabCAD Print

Stratasys J35 GrabCAD Print

All CAD formats accepted

With other 3D printing solutions, you may be required to convert file formats or use a third-party file format — which can be a time consuming task that takes away from your design time. However, using SOLIDWORKS software with the J35™ Pro, you can make file changes and optimizations on the spot before printing without changing file formats. Colour changes are simple. File sizes stay compact, easing the process of staying organized while saving larger files. Additionally, file management and version management become easy and struggle free, which is important in an iterative design process.

Automatic file fixing

Instead of exporting your file to an expensive, third-party software, you can use the automatic file-fixing feature to save time. Automatic file fixing enables you to go from CAD to printer in less than five minutes. It also allows you to achieve an accurate, high-quality print without spending more time and money on additional file-prepping software.

Print management and delayed prints

With the J35 Pro, you can change items in the queue. This means if a more urgent project arises, you can send it to print and move it ahead in the line of prints already in queue. The delayed print feature also allows you to take material quantity into consideration and schedule a print job for a specific day and time to coordinate with your design timeline.

Regular monthly system updates

While some competitors might not have updates for over a year, Stratasys proactively provides bug fixes and new features through over-the-air (OTA) programming. This allows you to update regularly and as soon as new updates are made available.

Vast multi-material print capabilities

The J35™ Pro 3D printer offers multi-material capabilities ideal for functional design and concept modeling. In one print, you can design parts with various combinations of flexibility, sure hardness, impact resistance, translucence and biocompatibility. With this capability, you can achieve digital material compound parts, assembly parts or three separate, single-material parts that meet your specifications.

Prototype Models

Prototype Models

Meeting your exact needs

Streamlining your product development cycle can be an easy task with the right tool. Offering engineering-grade, multi-material 3D printing in an office-friendly system, the J35 Pro is equipped to help you produce functional designs for a wide range of industry applications in-house. Combined with its simplified workflow software, this solution can take your 3D printed designs to places they have never been before.

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