Get Flexible with the 3DEXPERIENCE 3D Sculptor

Article by Rod Mackay updated June 23, 2021


Can computer aided designs have the beauty and flexibility of gymnastics? With 3DEXPERIENCE 3D Sculptor they can!

Industry Process Consultant and 3D Sculptor expert Jordan Tadić joins Gian and John to show some of the more advanced tools in Sub-D modeling, from bending, to twisting, to flexing, and more. Jordan shows his favorite features as he walks through his process for designing a prosthetic hand with 3D Sculptor:

What is 3DEXPERIENCE 3D Sculptor?

3D Sculptor (xShape) is a browser-based 3D subdivision modeling solution that enables industrial designers, engineers and artists to create stylized ergonomically or organically shaped models faster and more easily than traditional parametric tools.

Built on the cloud-based Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, 3D Sculptor complements the parametric workflows of SOLIDWORKS Desktop 3D CAD with intuitive subdivision modeling and a seamless interchange of design data.

What can you do with 3D Sculptor?

You can quickly create 3D models that are organically and ergonomically-shaped with 3D Sculptor, a browser-based 3D subdivision (sub-D) modeling solution built on the 3DEXPERIENCE Works platform.

3D Sculptor is a lot like clay modeling but on a computer. Most designers typically start with either a sketch, imported image, or actual 3D models as a reference in the background and then design around those shapes.  Of course, with 3D Sculptor, you can also create shapes using no reference on the screen – just freehand design.

3D Sculptor is easy to use and fast to learn.  You start with a 3D shape or a 2D surface and simply push, pull, scale, crease, and bend your sub-D model to get the shape you desire.

3DEXPERIENCE 3D Sculptor Role

3DEXPERIENCE 3D Sculptor Role

Designs that take hours to create with traditional parametric surface modeling may take only a few minutes to create with 3D Sculptor. And changes that often require a designer to start the whole design over with a parametric surface modeler may take seconds in 3D Sculptor.

3D Sculptor complements the SOLIDWORKS® suite of design-through-manufacturing tools by providing subdivision conceptual modeling capabilities that are easy to learn and use. And if you make a change in 3D Sculptor that change is propagated to SOLIDWORKS automatically.

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