Communication Tools included with SOLIDWORKS Professional & Premium

Article by Rod Mackay updated June 25, 2021


SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium packages include communication tools for advanced visualization, viewing and publishing to create powerful connections between designers, clients and consumers. Learn about the communication tools: SOLIDWORKS Visualize and SOLIDWORKS eDrawings below:

SOLIDWORKS Communication Tools

SOLIDWORKS Communication Tools

Photo-realistic Images and Animations using Visualize

An image, or an animation, can communicate a complex idea immediately, effectively and impactfully, in ways that mere words can’t manage. An image can take an idea out of the solitary realm of imagination and into a shared experience and common understanding. An image can transform abstract concepts into concrete realities—and shared visions.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard, included with SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium when on subscription, lets you quickly and easily create photo-quality images:

Ensuring that other people “get it” is one of a designer’s most difficult tasks. A revolutionary idea can gain traction with a client—or a consumer—only if it is understood and appreciated. SOLIDWORKS communication tools allows users to “show” ideas rather than having to explain when working to align team members’ efforts and share knowledge. Crystallizing concepts as comprehensive, detailed imagery makes it possible to minimize miscommunication, accelerate processes and achieve greater efficiency than ever before.

Do more with SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional takes it to the next level and lets you create animations, interactive content and web experiences. It goes beyond functional designs to generate immersive, engaging visual experiences that bring designs to life and let viewers not just see your designs, but experience them. Advanced photorealistic rendering capability and fi le sharing functionality also give your clients direct visibility into the design process, improving collaboration and generating confidence.

Here’s just some of what you can do in SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional:

  • Share lifelike product images—even before you prototype—to support Kickstarter campaigns, secure preorders or gain client approvals.
  • Fully animate parts, models, appearances, cameras and environments for ultrarealistic demonstrations.
  • Generate interactive web content, including Interactive Images and Panorama presentations.
  • Create immersive virtual reality experiences to dive directly into your CAD data, changing how you design, develop and deliver your products.
  • Tell a deeper story with your final design using one-click 360-degree spins.
  • Demonstrate inner design complexity with animated cut planes (section views).
  • Present and compare varying design solutions side by side .
  • Apply advanced lighting and environmental features for added realism.
  • Present designs in real time and never wait for a render to finish again.

Communicate your designs with eDrawings

A designer’s most important collaborator? The client. Shared understanding, open communication and clearly identified objectives are critical in order to ensure that client needs and objectives are met. The other SOLIDWORKS Communication tool included with Professional and Premium is SOLIDWORKS eDrawings® file viewer and publisher. eDrawings capabilities makes the essential collaboration and knowledge sharing effective and effortless. eDrawings makes it possible to share 3D models and information with other stakeholders anywhere and anytime — even if they’re not using SOLIDWORKS. This sharing works both ways: Recipients can also mark up and measure the models in eDrawings to quickly and accurately communicate changes. With eDrawings, your team can do the following:

  • Accelerate the design process and get past the “fuzzy front end” by sharing 3D designs in a lightweight fi le that can be attached to an e-mail;
  • Easily share a wide variety of file formats, including SOLIDWORKS, DWG/DXF™, 3DXML, Creo Pro/ENGINEER®, STL, or eDrawings files;
  • Share animations of SOLIDWORKS models;
  • View and share simulation results;
  • Zoom, pan, rotate, section and virtually disassemble designs;
  • Collaborate with mobile and non-CAD users through the eDrawings for iOS mobile app;
  • Safeguard intellectual property with password protection.

Whether you’re reviewing a new concept, discussing a design change, evaluating alternate designs, or getting an approval, you’ll find eDrawings makes the process faster, easier and more efficient. It also virtually eliminates miscommunication and misunderstanding because what you design is what they see—clearly and unmistakably. That reduces mistakes, increases efficiency and ultimately improves your products.

Communicate more effectively with SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium communication tools include cutting-edge visualization capabilities take designs far beyond the 2D plane— and unlock the full potential of the design imagination. Whether the goal is to sell a concept, contrast competing designs, assess functionality and interoperability, or sell a finished product to a discriminating consumer market, SOLIDWORKS Professional has all the tools you need to let designs shine more brightly than ever before.

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