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Realistic Colour Multi-material 3D Printing

What is PolyJet?

PolyJet is a powerful 3D printing technology that produces smooth, accurate parts, prototypes and tooling.

With microscopic layer resolution and accuracy down to 0.1 mm, it can produce thin walls and complex geometries using the widest range of materials available with any technology.

Advantages of PolyJet Technology

Why prototype with a Stratasys PolyJet Machine

Proven Technology

Stratasys PolyJet 3D Printers are based on proven technology, which creates precise prototypes that set  the standard for finished-product realism. Their fine resolution makes complex shapes, intricate details  and smooth surfaces possible.

Advanced 3D Printing

PolyJet 3D Printing works by jetting layers of liquid photopolymer onto a build tray and instantly curing them with UV light. The fine layers build up to create a precise 3D model or prototype. Models are ready to handle right out of the 3D printer, with no post-curing needed.

Better ideas, easier sell

Stratasys PolyJet 3D Printers improve communication and collaboration because they produce amazingly  accurate representations of your ideas that you can share with your team and your clients for a faster, more confident buy-in.

PolyJet 3D Printers

A range of Objet machines from Stratasys

PolyJet support hematoma Stratasys J850 Digital Anatomy

Stratasys J850 Digital Anatomy

The Stratasys J850 Digital Anatomy 3D Printer brings medical models to life with incredible realism, with the appearance and response of human tissue.

Stratasys J850 Ear Buds

Stratasys J850 / J835 / J826

The Stratasys J8 Series 3D printers deliver full PANTONE colour capability including texture mapping and colour gradients for realistic prototyping.

Stratasys J826 Colour multi-material 3D Printer

Stratasys J826

Based on J850 technology, the Stratasys J826 supplies the same end-to-end solution for the design process and ultra-realistic models at a lower price point.

Stratasys J55 3D printer

Stratasys J55 Prime

The Stratasys J55 3D printer offers designers with unparalleled full colour part realism, in an office or studio environment, at an affordable price.

Stratasys J5 MediJet

Stratasys J5 MediJet

Stratasys J5 MediJet Medical 3D Printer can create anatomical models and drilling and cutting guides that are sterilizable and biocompatible.

Stratasys J5 DentaJet 3D printer

Stratasys J5 DentaJet

The Stratasys J5 DentaJet is a versatile and powerful dental 3D printer for medium to large dental labs.

Stratasys J35 Pro

Stratasys J35 Pro

Stratasys J35 Pro is an affordable PolyJet Multi-material Desktop 3D Printer. Produce jigs, fixtures, functional parts, prototypes and concept models.

Stratasys J3 DentaJet

Stratasys J3 DentaJet

The Stratasys J3 DentaJet is an entry-level dental 3D printer for small to medium-sized labs to produce implant models, surgical guides, and gingiva masks.

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PolyJet Materials

Multiple colours, textures and forms

Agilus 30 jelly shoe

Agilus 30

Agilus 30 is a PolyJet Photopolymer 3D printing material with superior tear-resistance, capable of withstanding repeated flexing and bending.

Bio-compatible MED610 ex4

Bio-compatible (MED610)

Bio-compatible PolyJet photopolymer (MED610) is a rigid medical rapid prototyping material, featuring high dimensional stability and colourless transparency

Digital Abs injection mold group

Digital ABS Plus

Digital ABS Plus™ is designed to simulate standard ABS plastics for better impact strength with high-temperature resistance, toughness and superior finish.

DraftGrey example part


Stratasys DraftGrey is a rigid PolyJet 3D printing material used exclusively with the Super High Speed print mode for concept modeling.

Elastico Rubber Material


Stratasys PolyJet Elastico 3D Print Rubber Material for Prototypes that can simulate products requiring soft-touch, flexible qualities.

High Temperature faucet

High Temperature (RGD525)

Stratasys High Temperature PolyJet 3D printing material is ideal for thermal testing prototypes that require hot-air or hot-water flow.

PolyJet support manifold

PolyJet Support (SUP705, 706, 707)

Gel-like PolyJet support materials designed to uphold overhangs and complicated geometries during the 3D printing process. Easily removed by hand or water.

Stratasys Rigid Opaque engine block in Vero Material

Rigid Opaque (Vero)

Rigid Opaque (Vero) multi-purpose, multi-colour photopolymers offer strength, stiffness and versatility in blue, white, black, gray, cyan, magenta & yellow.

Rigid Translucent material (RGD720) console model for plastic simulation

Rigid Translucent (RGD720)

Rigid Translucent (RGD720) is a multipurpose PolyJet photopolymer for translucent plastic simulation, featuring high dimensional stability with surface smoothness.

Transparent VeroClear liquid container

Rigid Transparent (VeroClear)

Stratasys VeroClear is a rigid transparent material that simulates PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate), commonly known as acrylic, used as an alternative to glass .

Rubber-like mask

Rubber-like (Tango & TangoPlus)

Prototypes 3D printed in Stratasys Rubber-like Tango and Tango Black Plus can simulate products requiring soft-touch, flexible qualities.

Simulated polypropylene box screws

Simulated Polypropylene (Rigur & Durus)

Rigur & Durus are advanced simulated polypropylene materials for 3D printing precision prototypes. Both offer durability and beautiful surface finish.

2 pairs detailed VeroFlex glasses


Stratasys VeroFlex rigid photopolymer material offers a flexibility for rapid prototyping eyewear. Get realistic prototypes in a wide range of colours and textures

Packaging Design with VeroUltra Colour Material


Stratasys VeroUltra a rigid colour 3D printing opaque material significantly improves the colour opacity and uniformity of 3d printed parts.

VeroUltraClear Key


Stratasys VeroClear is a rigid transparent material that simulates PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate), commonly known as acrylic, used as an alternative to glass .

PolyJet Technology Benefits

Stratasys makes it simple to build high-quality, accurate 3D models.

Connex3 colour variants

Wide range of material properties

PolyJet Technology boasts the widest range of material properties for its class, from rigid to flexible,  transparent to opaque, neutral to vibrant, standard to bio-compatible and durable to high temperature.

With PolyJet, incorporate dozens of colours into one prototype, from vivid opaque to stained glass-like translucent, with hundreds of blended hues in between.

3D Printed Injection Mold

Prototype Parts

Enjoy building prototypes with fine feature quality – including 16-micron high resolution – that provides high detail and smooth surfaces to create brilliant, precise 3D models that will wow your audience.

3D print custom jigs, assembly fixtures and gauges and tooling with ultra-fine accuracy and smooth surfaces quickly and easily – no assembly required for parts with multiple materials.

SUP706 Manifold

Print complex & delicate features

Along with the selected model material, the 3D printer features two support material options: SUP705, removed with a WaterJet; and SUP706, which is easily removed and soluble for automated post-processing and increased geometric freedom to print complex and delicate features and small cavities.

3D Printing Success

Learn how manufacturers are using Stratasys PolyJet Technology

Take a look at the video to see five of the most popular applications and uses for PolyJet Technology.

Including fast, effective blow molding tools, more efficient injection molding tools, rubber-like fixtures, grips and over-molding, vibrant colour prototyping, and more.

Example Parts

Take a look at example models created with the PolyJet Technology:

Get your CAD model 3D printed with PolyJet Technology

Javelin 3D Printing Service

We provide designers and manufacturers with a variety of 3D printing services, to create custom high-performance prototypestooling, manufacturing aids, end-use parts, and low-volume production.

By applying PolyJet Technology, our staff of highly-experienced specialists are capable of meeting the most stringent demands in terms of time, cost and precision in the creation of your part.

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