The Artec Micro is a user friendly desktop 3D scanner ideal for small objects

Article by Barb Johnson updated October 22, 2021


Javelin Technologies, A TriMech Company hosts annual internal training meetings called Back to School during the month of August. The purpose of these meetings is to go “back to school” and learn from colleagues and management. This year, we were given the opportunity to participate in a video contest to encourage cross-training and teamwork.

Being an administrative staff member with Javelin, in my almost 10 years, it’s rare that I get to be hands on with the products. Thanks to an amazing contest presented to the company, I was able to participate in making a commercial for a very unique product new to our line-up – the Artec Micro desktop 3D scanner.

Check out the video of our Artec Micro to see a demonstration of how the desktop 3D scanner works:


Not only did this get me in front the of the product and see it in action, but in the midst of a global pandemic, I can’t deny the fact that working as a team had a huge impact to the enjoyment of this project.

I was able to not only collaborate online and in person (fully vaccinated and safely) but also, I got to “spruce up” the Micro and help prepare a stop motion video to show its capabilities.

Weighing in at just a tad over 25 pounds, this little unit packs a tiny but fierce punch when it comes to scanning the smaller items in your business. As part of our project, we took real, tangible, plumbing reducing couplings and gave them personas. By having them wear little paper crowns in line to ride the ride at a Javelin/TriMech circus, this seemed the best way to showcase what the Micro desktop 3D scanner can do!

One poor little coupling got the boot though to represent how a defect on the item in the scanner will get a FAIL for results. All others passed.

Disclaimer: only one coupling got damaged in the making of this video.

About the Artec Micro

Although this is a fun demonstration for a video contest, the Artec Micro is the ideal solution for reverse engineering, quality inspection/metrology, dental, heritage, art and design to capture small items.

The Artec Micro is a desktop 3D scanner with twin cameras and blue LED lights that are synchronized with Micro’s dual-axis rotation system to create a digital copy of your object with minimum frames. It is compact and easy to use with minimal training. Fully automated desktop 3D scanner designed for 1-click capture of your small objects.

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Artec Micro desktop 3D scanner

Artec Micro desktop 3D scanner


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