Driving Innovation in the High Tech Industry with 3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation

Article by Dassault Systèmes updated November 11, 2021


In this on-demand webinar we discuss how 3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation, featuring advanced analysis capabilities from SIMULIA, expands the simulation capacity of engineering teams, providing tools for high tech industry applications.

Development cycles in the high-tech industry are faster and more intense than nearly any other industry. With the rate of product development moving at breakneck speed, organizations must move quickly, or risk being outpaced by their competition. Releasing low quality products, or designs that fails to incorporate the latest advances, can set a company back in a competitive field, and severely influence bottom line.

Simulation Overview and Demonstration

From high-performance antennas to high-capacity batteries to particle accelerators, 3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation tools are leveraged to improve the design of high-tech devices large and small.

This webinar focuses on the following:

  • Addressing Electromagnetic Concerns using SIMULIA
  • Leveraging Cloud Computing to Expedite Simulation Tasks
  • Computation Fluids Solutions for Thermal Management

Why 3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation

The 3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation portfolio helps businesses of all sizes (small, medium or large) solve all types of structural problems enabling companies to bring new and innovative products to market faster.

Benefits of this portfolio:

  • Accessible
    • The SaaS model provides the right set of apps for the length of a project (three-month or one-year subscription) for flexibility.
    • It is accessible directly from SOLIDWORKS® and 3DEXPERIENCE® SOLIDWORKS roles for unique and smooth design workflow.
    • Company experts can easily customize the application UI based on internal workflows for everyone in the company to access simulation.
  • Scalable and Powerful
    • All structural roles use the same Abaqus FEA technology, recognized as the industry leader, from the Designer to the Analyst role.
    • This cutting-edge, proven Abaqus technology solves with speed and accuracy from the simple linear static, small-deformation scenarios to the most complex nonlinear dynamic, large-deformation, high-speed events.
  • Connected
    • All structural roles use the same cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE platform where data is securely stored and easily accessible from anywhere at any time.
    • Making design decisions is faster with simulation results that are easy to review, compare and share from the web dashboard.
    • The cloud computing option lets the user choose when to run simulations in the cloud to free up local computer resources and access unique computing power.
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