How to Create Cable Fabrication Drawings with SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D

Article by TriMech Solutions, LLC updated July 26, 2022


In addition to being able to create schematic representations of cable harnesses, SOLIDWORKS Electrical is also able to generate fabrication prints for harnesses in conjunction with SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D.

What this means is you can define connection information in the schematic application as an electrical designer and automatically feed that in the mechanical space in SOLIDWORKS to route your harnesses, calculate things like routed links and interferences between devices and channel ways, and ultimately produce a flattened representation and illustration of that harness annotated with information and data that came directly from the schematic application.

cable harnesses

cable harnesses

The remarkable thing about the SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D tool is that an associated solid model can be added to match the components on the 2D schematic side of things. So, you can just drop your components into the 3D side and have all of the wires and cables go to the correct places. On top of that, all the wire and cable information from the 2D schematic side will carry across and populate on to the wires in the 3D side of things. Things like gauge size, wire color and pin location are all pulled from the 2D schematic tool.


We can take our harness assembly and flatten it out. Being able to position each of our connectors in a flattened view will make it quick and easy to create a drawing of our overall harness.

Cable Harness Fabrication Drawings with SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D  >>

The wonderful thing about using the SOLIDWORKS Electrical tool is that all of the information is included in the 2D drawing. Things like wire lengths, from-to lists, and where each one of my wires is going pin-to-pin. Something that would typically be a manual process, is automatically created from the information added on the SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2D schematic side of things. Also, a BOM and automatic ballooning of all components and wires are added with updated wire lengths that will feed back into the 2D schematic side to update wire lengths in the 2D schematic reports.

2D schematic report

2D schematic report

No matter your design requirements, we have a solution to help speed up your wire harness design integration into your mechanical assemblies.

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