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Virtual product development using simulation tools such as the Simula roles on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, accelerates the process of evaluating product performance, reliability, and safety, prior to time-consuming physical prototyping. With an ever-increasing number of simulation analyses conducted, managing, and tracking multiple analyses has become crucial to the success of simulation data management.  The “Simulation manager” is a 3DEXPERIENCE dashboard app available in most of the Simulia roles. It allows users to manage, run and monitor simulations on the cloud for analyses involving traditional Simulia products such as Abaqus, CST, Simpack and Wave6.

When you launch the Simulation manager app, physical simulations available to the user appear in the simulations panel on the left as shown in the images below.

By default, the Simulation Manager on 3DEXPERIENCE uses 6WTags to display the simulations that you own. You can use 6WTags to search and filter the list of simulations.

Simulations in the list are sorted in reverse order by modification date, with the most recently modified simulation at the top.

simulation manager open file

The toolbar above the list enables you to create a new simulation, run or stop a simulation, change the view, and refresh the list of simulations. You can right-click on any simulation in the list to open the context menu. The context menu also gives you options to run or stop the simulation, open the simulation lifecycle or properties, or open the simulation in Physics Simulation Review.

Once you create an analysis case within the Simulation manager, you can add content, in this case, an input file by dragging or dropping or by directly importing it from the local directory using the upload button.

analysis case in simulation manager

When you select a simulation, monitoring information appears on the right in the details panel. The details panel features tabs where you can view and manage data for the selected simulation.

Analysis cases that need to be defined prior to running or monitoring simulation jobs are just containers for different simulation features within a Physics Simulation. Analysis cases can be useful to group different simulations of the same model, or to organize and group similar simulation scenarios. Some types of simulations can have individual analysis cases that you can run in Simulation Manager. It is easy confuse this with Physics Simulation.  A Physics Simulation refers to the product being simulated, as well as all the simulation data specified in the simulation setup, including analysis cases. A single Physics Simulation can contain multiple analysis cases.

For a given simulation, you have flexibility to run complete simulation or just run a syntax check. You can specify the version, solver and output precision using the setup tab.

simulation manager test

When it comes to running the job, you can select either Tokens or Credits per your license preference and specify the number of cores.

An estimate is displayed, either in terms of SimUnit tokens for analysis if tokens are being licensed or SimUnit credits to be consumed if credits are used.

run simulation credits

Your access to content or commands is determined by admin settings such as access to the current collaborative space, your organization, the current lifecycle state of the content, the app you are using, and other customizations. You might have access to some content or commands only under certain conditions.

Once the files are uploaded to analysis case you can run the jobs and monitor their progress. You can not only monitor specific degree of freedom during the duration of structural analysis but also plot it with respect to time. This allows for better visualization. Logs and Summary of the analysis run is available, and results can be downloaded to view in either Physics Results explorer app (lightweight version) or Physics simulation review app.

plane analysis in 3dexperience productivity improvement app in simulation

These productivity improvement apps on 3DEXPERIENCE platform can help speed up your Simulation tasks to democratize design simulation in your organization.

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