What’s New in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2024

Article by Ray Morrogh updated February 27, 2024


With the new year comes a new release of SOLIDWORKS, packed with all new enhancements to speed up your work, simplify your tasks, and increase your capabilities. Enhancements in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2024 focused on an improved user experience in many ways, including UX updates, auto ballooning 2D cabinets, and filters in electrical 3D.

The way changes can be implemented has also been improved with enhancements like removing manufacturer part data when deleting or replacing a component, changing the lengths of multiple rails and ducts simultaneously, and allowing for previews of changes when aligning 3D components.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2024 Schematic Enhancements

Inserting Auto Balloons

Being able to automatically insert balloons in assemblies has been a quality-of-life keystone in the SOLIDWORKS MCAD drawings environment for years, and now that functionality has been brought to 2D Cabinet Schematics in SOLIDWORKS Electrical. Selecting the Auto Balloon command will automatically annotate the 2D cabinet with balloons that dynamically link to your BOM report table that can be embedded in the document. There are a variety of layouts and formatting options, all of which are easily implemented and can help improve the readability of your schematics.

Auto Ballooned 2D Cabinet

An auto-ballooned 2D cabinet layout in SOLIDWORKS 2024

Shorten Lists Using Ranges in Reports

If using a large quantity of the same type of component, the list in your reports can start to look bloated and can even disrupt your formatting by creating rows of varying heights. A new option has been added in 2024 to reduce the range of lists to improve readability. This isn’t entirely limited to component marks either and can actually be used on any list or text in a report that matches a pattern.

SWE Value Range Example

Shortening lists by abbreviating value ranges improves formatting and in some cases can prevent reports from being split across two pages

To implement this column formatting, open the report’s dialogue. Select the report you’d like to apply this to, and then open up the properties. Under the columns tab, you’ll see a value range option, where you can select how you’d like to have the abbreviation of the list displayed (in the example below I use ellipses).

SWE Value Range

Value Ranges in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2024

Auto-Connect Wires to Macros

If you’re using Excel Automation, some of your macros can be simplified now that SOLIDWORKS Electrical can auto-connect wires to macros. When you insert macros and have wires partially drawn in the same direction, excel automation will now propagate that wire style to your inserted macros until they are terminated. To activate this, just turn on the “Auto-Connect scheme macros option” under the general tab in the electrical project configuration dialogue.

Excel Automation Auto Connect

Having inserted 3 macros, SOLIDWORKS Electrical will propagate the wire style to the macros in its path

This procedure follows the macro insertion sequence, so order is important. Overall though, this can make insertion of macros less complicated and can reduce the variations of macros.

UI/UX Delighters

Some smaller enhancements have improved usability in noticeable ways for users. These enhancements include:

  • Clearing manufacturer data from a component when a part is removed. When you delete manufacturer part info from a component, the specifications that were propagated to the mark’s properties will also be deleted, eliminating the re-work you may have been doing previously.
  • Auto adapting the grid size for High Resolution (4K). This is so that the dots indicating the grid on the schematic don’t just show up as one pixel.
  • Using the directional keys on your keyboard will move your selection a grid space. This can be nice when needing to quickly and accurately move a misplaced symbol.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2024 3D Enhancements

New Routing Wire Options

You can now define the depth of the routing process by limiting it to an active location. To do this, simply select “Route active location only” when running the Components/Cables/Harness routing command. This prevents the electrical project from having to repeatedly rebuild all the sub-location routes. Beyond that, you’ll notice the impact this has when you’re spending less time rebuilding or running routes in larger electrical projects with a lot of nested locations.

If you create a graph when running this command, you should also notice a change in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2024. You’ll now see a warning message based on the complexity when creating that graph, and it has a cancel button so that you can cancel that process if you need to. This is great because it no longer requires you to end your SOLIDWORKS session if you need to exit that command.

Set the Length of Multiple Rails or Ducts Simultaneously

In previous releases of SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D, you could only change the length of a single rail or duct one at a time. In many instances, we may want these items to be the same length, which means we’d have to repeat that command a lot. This year, that command has changed to allow for the selection of multiple rails, so that it can be completed more efficiently.

Preview When Aligning Components

When using the align command, you may notice some changes to the way the command is displayed. The Property Manager has been modified to simplify and improve the workflow. It will also now preview the changes in the graphics area to give you a better understanding of the changes you’re about to make.

Align Components Preview New in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2024

Align Components now creates a preview

Warning Messages For Cable Diameters

You will now get a warning in electrical 3D if you have a conductor diameter that is greater than that of the cable diameter. This will also be true if the collective diameter of the conductors exceeds the cable diameter. This ensures that you don’t accidentally create something that isn’t manufacturable due to a typo or miscalculation in design.

Filters for Auxiliary and Accessory Parts

You will likely notice this enhancement first after installing SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2024. The eye that controlled the visibility of associated components has been replaced by a filter button that has a drop-down. This can help clean up the Electrical Management panel by filtering out components that you wouldn’t necessarily insert in 3D but need to be included in your project’s bill of materials. This filter can also clear components already associated in 3D – expanding the functionality that was already existing with the eye to improve clarity.

Filter in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D in 2024

The eyeball for show/hide associated components has been replaced with the filter button


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