SOLIDWORKS 2018 (#SW2018) tech tips and tutorials from the Javelin team

SOLIDWORKS 2018 Overview

Watch a recording of our launch broadcast which includes demonstrations of the performance improvements, quality enhancements and new capabilities:


The production version of SOLIDWORKS 2018 is now available for Subscription Customers from the Customer Portal.

SOLIDWORKS 2018 Tech Tips

Wires 1

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2018 Managing Wires

In SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2018, there are 3 productive changes made with regards to managing wires. Global Wire Mark Display: We can now pre-define the connection label display style directly from...
Sort by mark

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2018 Natural Sort Option & Unused Marks

Leveraging the options of automation usually requires some setup and planning, lucky for us in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2018 there are some more additions in the configurations to creating device tags...
Classifications in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2018

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2018 Classification Management

Probably the most anticipated development of SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2018. Users can now create classes and sub classes. The classification can be fully defined and are searchable fields in the project...
SOLIDWORKS PCB 2018 3D Integration Enhancements

SOLIDWORKS PCB 2018 3D Integration Enhancements

As a pioneering technology for E-CAD and M-CAD design, the development team at SOLIDWORKS has done a fantastic job with SOLIDWORKS PCB 2018. We have listed a few of the...
DB Link

SOLIDWORKS PCB 2018 Database Link

As we advance into a technology driven future it has become more of a necessity for all systems to be connected and to have information bidirectionally accessible.  In SOLIDWORKS PCB...

Working with Mesh data in SOLIDWORKS 2018

Anyone who has needed to work with mesh data knows how much of a pain it is to get anything from it inside of SOLIDWORKS. SOLIDWORKS 2018 introduces new ways...
SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2018 Routing Integration

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2018 Routing Integration

The SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2018 Routing Integration upgrade has taken the ambiguity out of SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D and completely adopted the SOLIDWORKS Routing platform. Note the electrical component wizard below in SOLIDWORKS...

SOLIDWORKS PCB 2018 IPC Footprint Wizard

The SOLIDWORKS PCB IPC Footprint Wizard is probably one of the most anticipated features for SOLIDWORKS PCB 2018; we expect this to reduce creation time, increase accuracy and create the...
SOLIDWORKS Tab and Slot feature works in parts, multi-body parts and assemblies.

SOLIDWORKS 2018 Tab and Slot Feature

A costly part of manufacturing is creating the fixtures that are used to hold the parts in position during fabrication. That is why many designers are now turning to self-fixturing...