SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2018 Axial Periodicity

Article by Siavash Khajehhasani updated December 30, 2017


In SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2018 you can reduce the analysis time when analyzing fluid flow (or conjugate heat transfer) in models consisting of axial periodic features. Using this Axial Periodicity you need to calculate the fluid flow only for a sector instead of the entire model. You can simulate the problems within a sector including rotation and/or heat conduction in solids. This can be set up by modifying computational domain as shown below:

Axial Periodicity

Flow Trajectories

Current Limitations:

Any phase transitions (including Cavitation, Fluid Film, Sorption), Porous Media, Radiation, High Mach Number flows and Local region(s) (Averaging) rotation are not allowed in 2018 version.

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