SOLIDWORKS 2018 Overview

Watch a recording of our launch broadcast which includes demonstrations of the performance improvements, quality enhancements and new capabilities:


The production version of SOLIDWORKS 2018 is now available for Subscription Customers from the Customer Portal.

SOLIDWORKS 2018 Tech Tips

SOLIDWORKS Treehouse Tile Layout

SOLIDWORKS 2018 Treehouse Visual Enhancements

SOLIDWORKS 2018 has added a number of improvements to the visual aspect of the Treehouse application (Start > SOLIDWORKS Tools 2018 > SOLIDWORKS Treehouse 2018).  When you have an assembly...
SOLIDWORKS Visualize Import options now include

Importing SOLIDWORKS Views, Cameras, and lights into SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2018

SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2018 has now made it easier to create real view renderings, since we can now import all custom saved cameras, views and even the physical lighting straight into...
ZOOM in and out options

How to change the SOLIDWORKS zoom direction of your mouse wheel

When some companies/designers switch to  SOLIDWORKS 3D design from other designing software they often have issues with zooming in and out as in other software zooming in and out using the...
Font size and Push pin

Measure Tool Enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2018

There has been many enhancements to SOLIDWORKS 2018 which will helps us overcome some of the earlier limitations. In this Blog article I will be sharing  some new enhancements to...
select over geometry

SOLIDWORKS 2018 can Select Over Geometry

With SOLIDWORKS 2018 a new geometry selection tool is introduced called Select Over Geometry. The selection tool lets you drag a box or lasso selection over a model without starting the...
How to Randomize Scale for Auto Hatching in Section Views

How to Randomize Scale for Auto Hatching in Section Views

In SOLIDWORKS 2018, auto hatching in section views and broken-out section views has a new option called Randomize Scale. This option can be used to randomize the hatch scale for...
Misaligned Concentric Mates

Support for Misaligned Concentric Mates in SOLIDWORKS 2018

Working with downloaded or imported models can create a situation where multiple pairs of holes cannot be mated concentric although there is no problem fitting manufactured components.  SOLIDWORKS 2018 misaligned...
SOLIDWORKS 2018 Design Library

Show File Names and Descriptions in the SOLIDWORKS 2018 Design Library

The Design Library in the SOLIDWORKS Task Pane provides quick access to some default features, hardware, annotations, etc. This is also where you have access to SOLIDWORKS Toolbox, 3DContentCentral and...
SW 2018 mouse gestures

SOLIDWORKS 2018 Mouse Gesture Enhancements

Mouse Gestures were introduced in SOLIDWORKS 2010 and are a real time saver when using SOLIDWORKS to bring your designs to life. SOLIDWORKS 2018 brings a more interactive way to utilize mouse...