Teinture / coloration de pièces d'intérieur automobile imprimées en 3D

In recent years, Additive Manufacturing (AM) has evolved from prototype to serial production for end-use parts. This development leads to increased demands on the final components.

Especially in the Automotive sector, reproducibility and improved fastness are particularly important. If 3D printed parts are in operation in the interior of cars, they must withstand numerous external influences. The resistance to heat and light, good scratch resistance and good rub fastness regarding both, distortion and bleeding are particularly worth mentioning here.

In order to meet these demands, DyeMansion has developed a new colour range within the extended ColorsX series, which is characterised by significantly improved light and heat resistance for automotive interior parts:

In this white paper

This white paper presents how the new and strong Automotive BlackX enables lightfast dyeing for various polyamide materials. With this solution the criteria of the ISO 105 B06 standard and other standards used by Automotive companies can be fulfilled.

DyeMansion Daimler Parts

DyeMansion Daimler Parts

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