Utiliser le jumeau numérique pour collaborer à l'aménagement des installations et à l'optimisation de l'usine

Manufacturers today are challenged by tighter product development cycles, increasing competition, and a hybrid workforce that needs to collaborate.

Watch as TriMech Product Manager, Joe Hugan and Technical Manager, Kurt Valutis discuss the using the Digital Twin environment from Dassault Systemes to leverage existing data, allow remote collaboration, and provide tools to optimize manufacturing operations in terms of cost, space, utilization, and efficiency.

During this 3DEXPERIENCE webinar, you will learn:

Included is a detailed look at the digital twin toolset and discuss all aspects of implementing these tools within your organization. The goal of the webinar is to enable manufacturing engineers and managers to understand the latest technology in this space and provide a generic plan on how it would be implemented in a prototypical organization.

  • The 3DEXPERIENCE Virtual Twin solution from Dassault enables engineers to plan, evaluate, and optimize manufacturing operations without interrupting current production.
  • The Plant Layout role facilitates the planning of future states within a plant by visualizing point clouds, existing layouts, and all sources of CAD data in a common, easy-to-navigate environment.
  • The Factory Simulation role gives engineers a way to quantify the differences between competing design concepts through data-driven simulations of operations including cycle times, schedules, downtimes, and product variation.
  • All of these roles and many more from Dassault are available in the collaborative environment known as the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. This single source of data means everyone on the team always has the latest data to make accurate, timely decisions.


Avec 3DEXPERIENCE Works, votre processus de développement de produits peut se dérouler n'importe où.

You will solve more complex design challenges. You can accelerate innovation together. Connect to the power of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.


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