How to dock a floating SOLIDWORKS CommandManager

Article by Andrew Lidstone, CSWE updated October 3, 2011


Very often new SOLIDWORKS users will at some point accidentally drag the CommandManager ribbon interface out of it’s default position and down into the graphics area.  Their first reaction might be to drag the CommandManager back up to it’s original position and expect it to re-dock in position again like any other toolbar … except it doesn’t?!

Floating CommandManager

Floating CommandManager

Here’s the trick to dock SOLIDWORKS CommandManager:

As you drag the CommandManager around the graphics area you will notice three docking anchors around the edges of the screen, one on each side and one on the top, as denoted in the screenshot below with arrows.  Dragging the CommandManager onto one of the three anchor points will snap it into position allowing it to dock in place.

Dock SOLIDWORKS CommandManager

CommandManager Docking Anchor Locations

NOTE: SOLIDWORKS 2016 added the option to lock the CommandManager to prevent accidental undocking, you can learn how to enable the option in our tech tip.

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