Take a look at some cool entries for our 2011 SolidWorks Design Contest

Article by Rod Mackay updated December 20, 2011


Our SolidWorks Cool Design Contest is still open and currently accepting entries from commercial and educational customers. I thought we would share with you just a few of the cool designs we have received so far, along with the product descriptions provided by the designers. Here they are in no particular order…

Entry – Fully Adjustable Walker

Fully Adjustable Walker

Fully Adjustable Walker

From: Chris Argent, Sigmapac

Design Function: This walker is fully adjustable to suit various heights of people who require such a device.

How did SolidWorks help: SolidWorks helped me by being able to visualize my design in a solid form and also helped me overcome the difficulty of being able to make the device fully adjustable and friendly to the end user. The walker is fully adjustable in both handle and seat height while still being fairly compact and foldable for easy storage.

Design Time Saved: I would have to say that SolidWorks cut my design time by probably 50%.

Product Quality Improvement: SolidWorks helped reduce the waste of materials by being able to construct and test the walker in a virtual environment.

Design Cost Saving: Lowered cost by probably 20%.

Entry – Conveyor Shuttle

Conveyor Shuttle

Conveyor Shuttle

From: Christopher Zona, Descon Conveyor Systems

Design Name: Conveyor Shuttle

Design Function: The purpose of our shuttle is to allow product to change conveyor lanes much like a train changes tracks.

How did SolidWorks help: SolidWorks, along with DriveWorks, reduces our design cycle by 75% or better. Automation of design produces models, drawings, BOM and purchasing data. Model accuracy is 100% every time because of the accuracy of the design rules applied.

Design Time Saved: 75%.

Entry – Aeryon Scout UAV Quadrotor

Aeryon Scout UAV Quadrotor

Aeryon Scout UAV Quadrotor

From: Glen Johannesson, Aeryon Labs

Design Function: The Aeryon Scout is a small, quiet, and easy-to-operate aerial vehicle that can capture and transmit high-quality images and video—a flying camera. Control of the vehicle is automated with flight planning software and on-board computers, leaving the operator free to focus on the video and photography tasks.

How did SolidWorks help: SolidWorks allowed Aeryon Labs to balance requirements for rugged all weather capability with lightweight construction. 3D models were used for virtual design review and ease of assembly assessment.

Design Time Saved: 2 Months

Product Quality Improvement: Increased flight time by decreasing weight.

Have you created a cool design this year?

You can still enter our contest, the closing date is Friday, December 23, 2011. It’s really easy to enter, using our entry form submit a screenshot of your SolidWorks design along with a brief description. You could be the winner of an iPad®2 or an iPod® Touch!

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