QR Codes vs Augmented Reality Markers – a primer

Article by Dan Gamsby updated March 22, 2012


 QR codes are popping up everywhere these days: movie posters, coffee cups, stickers. I even have one on the back of my business card (see left). When you use a smart phone scanner and you scan the (Quick Response Code) it usually takes you to a promotional website of the product you are scanning.

On a recent trip to LA I met Gerald Nacache, the CEO of 3D California at the Dassault Systemes office in Woodland Hills. Over a French espresso he showed me the difference between a QR code and an Augmented Reality marker. He had recently finished a proof of concept for Procter & Gamble using an AR Code.

On the back of the Gillette razor package he showed me there was what looked like a QR code. When he scanned the code a menu popped up giving him the option to go to a website or to an AR experience. He clicked AR and an interactive animation popped out of the QR code. See video below.

My head was spinning with the possibilities of adding this functionality to the back of my next business card. How much would it cost, I wondered, to have Obi-Wan pop out  (like he did in the first Star Wars) with a personal message for you to call Ben Sainsbury at Javelin Reality to discuss dynamic interactive training options? It would be intriguing. Which is the point of this type of advertising.

For more information about 3D California check out this website: http://www.3dcalifornia.com/

To discuss new and innovative 3D marketing strategies and 3D dynamic training solutions please contact us or contact me directly: ben.sainsbury@javelin-tech.com – 1.877.219.6757 x257.

Cheers, Ben

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