Spinning Coin with SOLIDWORKS Motion Manager and PhotoView 360

Article by Alin Vargatu, CSWE updated August 9, 2012


Do you want to know how this spinning coin effect was created with SOLIDWORKS Motion Manager and PhotoView 360?

About a year ago, I took full advantage of the newly introduced custom surface finish options in PhotoView 360 and “minted” a gold coin in the honor of Javelin’s (then) newest CSWE, Andrew Lidstone.


Click on this picture for the Step-by-step minting procedure

Yesterday I wanted to see what would happen if I spin this coin in a SOLIDWORKS Motion Manager study. The set-up was minimal:

  1. Created a small assembly with two components:  the top of the table (hidden) and the coin.
  2. Applied the “Plain White” Scene
  3. Apply a wood appearance to the scene’s floor

Would you like cherry wood for your table top?

  1. Created a SOLIDWORKS Motion Manager Study
  2. Since – at this time – you cannot insert a finger inside the SolidWorks Universe to flick the coin, a torque was used instead (minimal torque for just a fraction of a second):

Instead of your finger, use a torque

  1.  Applied a steel dry contact between the two components

Contact is needed for the coin to stay on the table

  1. Applied gravity
  2. Pointed a SolidWorks camera to the coin
  3. Saved the video of the motion using PhotoView 360 as the renderer

Note:  In the beginning of the video you will notice that the camera pans while the coin is fixed. That section is the result of a different study where no torque or gravity was applied.

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