Cooper Construction makes their latest building a Javelin Reality

Article by Dan Gamsby updated August 9, 2012


What if you could start selling your product long before it was ever built? Companies are always looking for more original ways to sell their product. The earlier they can start, the sooner they make money. Javelin Reality works with our customers’ CAD data, be it 2D or 3D, and creates 3D Dynamic, virtual experiences that can help sell and market products.

Take the Virtual Tour » yourself and visit the Exchange Online Virtual Reality Experience

Such was the case with Cooper Construction. They faced the challenge of leasing/selling their office spaces during commercial building construction. They required a tool that could help them sell products immediately, before a shovel was even in the ground for their building.

After a recent visit to our 3D theatre, and a quick pilot project, Cooper Construction contracted our team at Javelin Reality, to fully virtualize their new Commercial office building called “The Exchange @ 630 Weber St. N” in Waterloo. They wanted to appeal to the high tech area, and give potential clients a full experience of the building, before ever stepping foot inside it.

We created a 3D Dynamic solution, where you could control a person in a video game style environment, and explore the entire building. Cooper provided us with their 2D CAD drawings, renderings, and texture swatches for this project. We took this information, and we created the game environment using the Unity game engine. We also made sure this solution would be full, stereoscopic 3D, so that the clients could experience the space with full depth-perception and realism.

What we believe to be a first in Canada, was the event that Cooper held, to launch the new building. Presenting in a tent, on the construction site with the structural steel for the building up behind us, Javelin Reality presented The Exchange virtual walkthrough experience, in full 3D, to about 60 brokers and realtors in the market. Great food, good laughs, a great virtual experience on the construction site, and everyone wearing 3D glasses. We also ensured the cases the 3D glasses came in had QR codes, which would take you to the walkthrough on a mobile device, if scanned.

With our solution, we can publish the experience to either an installed program on a PC/Mac, iPad/iPhone and even through any web browser online.

Want to play the game for yourself? If you have a half decent computer (say with a Core 2 Processor or so), visit the following link, and play away!


Take the Virtual Tour » yourself and visit the Exchange Online Virtual Reality Experience

If you would like to visit our 3D Theatre, and see what Javelin Reality is up to, and how we can help with dynamic training, marketing, or sales please contact us.


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