Replace Sketch Entity, a Hidden Enhancement for SolidWorks Simulation 2014 [VIDEO]

Article by Irfan Zardadkhan, PhD, CSWE updated September 23, 2013


Watching Alin’s blog post on Replace Sketch Entity got me thinking about how well SolidWorks CAD and SolidWorks Simulation communicate, as far as design changes are concerned. Would the replace sketch entity propagate without any glitch in existing SolidWorks Simulation studies?

I ran a simple case study just to see what was going to happen and prepared to be disappointed by the results. As much as Alin was excited about the implication of this new tool in SolidWorks CAD, I was not so optimistic.

After the first test, I literally jumped from my seat to call Alin to show him what had just happened. The Replace Sketch Entity was able to update my simulation study setup without any effort on my part!

The only way you can appreciate this new feature is to see it in action.

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Irfan Zardadkhan, PhD, CSWE

Irfan holds a PhD in Aerospace Engineering and is as Elite AE. He contributes regularly to the SIMULATION and COMPOSER tech blogs. He has won the TenLinks Top blogger award for SOLIDWORKS. He has presented at local user groups and at SOLIDWORKS World.