The Evolution of Electrical Design Infographic

Article by Rod Mackay updated May 17, 2014


Over the past 260 years, the way we light our homes and power our businesses has changed dramatically. We traded candles for light bulbs, abandoned the abacus for super computers and swapped selenium wafers for energy-efficient solar panels. Those innovations reflect advances in scientific thinking-and advances in the way engineers design increasingly complex electrical systems. In this Electrical Design Infographic SOLIDWORKS have described the pivotal (and quirky) moments that put 3D Electrical design on the cutting edge:

Electrical Design Infographic

The Evolution of Electrical Design Infographic

In the 1990s SOLIDWORKS introduced a series of major product lines used by mechanical designers, Electrical schematics entered the third dimension in 2012, when SOLIDWORKS introduces powerful and affordable 3D electrical CAD software for Windows; merging the logical connections championed by Benjamin Franklin with the modern day need to build 3D physical connections.

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