ExactFlat is the Fastest Path from 3D CAD to Cutter [VIDEO]

Article by Eric van Essen updated May 15, 2014

ExactFlat for the Fastest Path from 3D CAD to Cutter

ExactFlat for the Fastest Path from 3D CAD to Cutter

I am very excited to announce the addition of ExactFlat for flattening and patterning textiles from within SolidWorks. Designing with fabrics has historically been a very cumbersome process and has really been an art more than a science. ExactFlat has revolutionized this process by leveraging the simple to use SolidWorks 3D environment and providing a complete path to your cutting machine. There is a tremendous amount of value that this tool brings, but the top three areas are flattening, patterning and nesting.


The most incredible capability is the ability to flatten any shape and automatically optimize it to minimize slack and account for stretch. This is my favourite video for highlighting that flattening process.


Once you have your 3D design broken into panels, ExactFlat can take the pieces and lay them out on a pattern. The toolset includes easy to use tools for adding the optimal amount of overhang and notches to make sure the pieces are lined up when sewed together.


If material consumption reduction is a goal, having access to powerful nesting algorithms at your fingertips can be a game changer. Check out this video on how you can maximize yield of your material.

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