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Product releases for us here at Javelin Technologies is like counting the days to Christmas and wondering what is wrapped up for us under that tree. SolidWorks has delivered as usual and I’ve listed the Top 10 feature enhancements for SolidWorks Electrical 2015 that will continue to keep our users happy:

1) Importing or Exporting directly from Excel in to a Project

Project data can be directly changed through external excel files. Mass project data updates can now be processed externally and then re-imported to be used in the project.

Import and Export from Excel

Import and Export from Excel

2) Archive Environment feature enhancement

Now you can customize the type of back up  for your database, set reminders and automate the details of this process.

3) Formula Manager

This feature has consistently been updated every service pack. Now there are additional variables added to give you that extra detail you require for automation through out the project.

Formula managers

Formula managers

4) Data Managers

The interface received some upgrades to include the much needed user appeal and clarity for better search through filtering



5) Connector Management

So if you’ve used Cable manager, PLC Manager in SolidWorks Electrical, you will love this new addition to the product. It easily allows you to insert connectors with detail symbols or pins and filters for that additional component detail.

6) Customized Rights Management

This new feature allows you to restrict software use. The feature follows for administrator rules enabling the user to work through the application only as permitted.

7) XML Export

Now you can export reports directly in XML format, after customizing it in SolidWorks Electrical.

8) Routing Analysis

in 2015 users can resolve routing issues through the report provided by the newest addition of the routing analysis feature.

9) Edit through basic CAD utility: DraftSight

Still love using simplified drafting tool like DraftSight? In 2015, SolidWorks Electrical allows you to open up in Draft Sight data simply through right clicking in SolidWorks Electrical. Edits made in  Draft Sight are directly reflected in the a Electrical package.

10) Interface Upgrades

SolidWorks Electrical has added more intuitive properties features to manage data such as symbols, 2D footprints, titleblocks, macros, cables and manufacturer parts.

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