SOLIDWORKS Composer Tutorial: Fluid Flow Animation

Article by Irfan Zardadkhan, PhD, CSWE updated November 13, 2014


Ever seen a fluid flow animation created in SOLIDWORKS Composer? Here are simple steps you can take to create the illusion of fluid flowing through a pipe in SOLIDWORKS Composer.

To begin, apply a texture on an actor that would resemble the presence of a fluid in the pipe. After adjusting the scale and ratio of the texture, activate the textures workshop. At the same time activate the Animation Mode in Composer. Now activate the texture translation. Move the time marker along the time line and translate the texture along the direction of flow. Repeat the process a number of times. With the autokey turned on, the motion of the texture will be captures automatically.

Watch the video for a quick demonstration on how to create this effect.

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Irfan Zardadkhan, PhD, CSWE

Irfan holds a PhD in Aerospace Engineering and is as Elite AE. He contributes regularly to the SIMULATION and COMPOSER tech blogs. He has won the TenLinks Top blogger award for SOLIDWORKS. He has presented at local user groups and at SOLIDWORKS World.