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Article by Rod Mackay updated June 12, 2015

SOLIDWORKS Costing software

SOLIDWORKS Costing software

Included with SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium packages is the SOLIDWORKS Costing add-in, an automatic costing tool that can generate estimates of part manufacturing cost that adjust whenever you modify your design. You can easily track costs to ensure your projects stay on target to meet profit goals. Designers can make faster, repeatable, and more informed design decisions based on cost, and change their designs to lower manufacturing cost. Manufacturers can automate their quoting process. The Costing tool’s cost templates are customizable, enabling you to enter your specific manufacturing costs and data, such as material, labour, machine speed and feeds, and setup costs.

SOLIDWORKS Costing Benefits

SOLIDWORKS Costing will provide benefits in many areas of your business:

For Management and Executives:

  • Hit cost targets and maintain healthy profit margins.
  • Break barriers between manufacturing and design – Costing uses data provided by manufacturing to determine costs.

For Designers, Engineers and Engineering Managers:

  • “Design for Cost” up-front, and eliminate need to “Redesign for Cost” later.
  • Make design decisions based on cost of manufacturing a design.
  • Faster and more repeatable than quotes from external and internal manufacturing.

For Manufacturers:

  • “Instant quotes” – not just fast, instantaneous manufacturing quotes for customers.
  • Much faster than spreadsheets, counting features and other forms of manual quoting.
  • Much more repeatable and accurate than “rule of thumb” estimates.
  • Dead accurate to manufacturing data provided in the customizable templates.
  • Template data can be calibrated to actual costs thereby further improving accuracy.

As you design, manufacturing costs are automatically calculated behind the scenes, real-time, allowing you to always have an up-to-date cost estimate.  Costing is available for sheet metal, weldments, and machined parts.

Quick demo of SOLIDWORKS Costing in action

Free Online Training for SOLIDWORKS Costing

You can quickly learn how to use the SOLIDWORKS Costing add-in with the MySolidWorks SOLIDWORKS Costing learning path, it is comprised of only two lessons that are approximately ten minutes each; and will show you how to run costing on a machined part, and a sheet metal part.

Training is available for free, you just need to create an account at and you’ll find the learning path under Training > Catalog > Learning Paths (checkbox) > Free (checkbox) > SOLIDWORKS Costing. Or you can click here to access the learning path directly.

SOLIDWORKS Costing MySolidWorks Training

SOLIDWORKS Costing MySolidWorks Training

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