Bunkspeed Rendering now part of the SOLIDWORKS product line from Javelin

Article by Eric van Essen updated August 5, 2015


I am excited to share the news that Bunkspeed rendering and animation product are being offered by Javelin Technologies.  This is in alignment with our belief in Bunkspeed as a recommended high ended rendering solution for SolidWorks designs.  One of the coolest things about the technology is how it leverages the reality matching accuracy of Nvidia iray® materials and lighting.  This enables designers and creative users in any field to intuitively generate high quality renderings in a fraction of the time of other offerings.  It already has tight integration with SOLIDWORKS and a lot of advanced capabilities that can produce high end animations and other creative marketing content.

Bunkspeed Rendering

Bunkspeed Rendering

Here are a couple images we made using the Bunkspeed product:

Golf Ball Rendering with Bunkspeed

Golf Ball Rendering with Bunkspeed

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