How to Manually Activate a SOLIDWORKS Network License

Article by Andrew Lidstone, CSWE updated October 21, 2015


If the server running the SolidNetWork License Manager is not connected to the internet then the software can be activated manually through email.

Here are the steps to activate a SOLIDWORKS Network License manually using e-mail:

Step 1:  Launch the SolidNetwork License Manager and on the Server Administration tab, click the Modify button.

Activate a SOLIDWORKS Network License

1 – Select Modify

Step 2:  Select Activate/Reactivate a software license and click Next >

2 - Activate/Reactivate

2 – Activate/Reactivate

Step 3:  If a firewall is in place make sure that the option is checked and the proper port numbers are entered in, then click Next >.

3 - Firewall

3 – Firewall

Step 4:  Select the option to activate Manually via e-mail, then click Next >.

4 - Manual

4 – Manual

Step 5:  On the Manual Activation screen, click on the Save… button.

5- Save Activation Settings

5- Save Activation Settings

Step 6:  Save out the activation request txt file and transfer the file to a system with an internet connection.

6 - Save Activation File

6 – Save Activation File

Step 7:  Email the file to  Leave the subject field and email body blank to avoid any delays in receiving the activation response.

7 - E-mail Activation File

7 – E-mail Activation File

Step 8:  The activation response email should be received within a few minutes of the activation request being sent.  Transfer the response .txt file to the server computer.

8 - Returned File

8 – Returned File

Step 9:  On the Manual Activation screen, click Open… and select the activation response file then click Open.

9 - Open License File

9 – Open License File

Step 10:  Once the activation successfully completes click “Finish”.  If the activation does not complete successfully, contact your SOLIDWORKS VAR for further assistance.

10 - Activation Success

10 – Activation Success


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