Javelin can help you solve your tough design problems

Article by Rod Mackay created/updated April 13, 2016

Solve tough design problems with Javelin Simulation Services

The Javelin Simulation Services Team has been providing analysis services for North American engineering and manufacturing companies for many years. Our capabilities are multidisciplinary with experience in structures, fluids, rigid body mechanics, composite materials, control systems, and others. We also have access to a complete prototype shop and rapid prototyping capability.

Javelin operates within a collaborative framework encompassing multiple investigators and practitioners with a wide variety of expertise. Javelin is a SOLIDWORKS certified advanced analysis provider and our team are certified analysis trainers, flow simulation advanced professionals, and certified simulation advanced professionals.

Simulation services we provide:

  • Solve manufacturing problems: We can help you to determine what is the best manufacturing process for your design. With SOLIDWORKS Simulation and SOLIDWORKS design tools you can model many aspects of a manufacturing process. For instance determine assembly stresses, mold flow or forming process.
  • Test new and competing design approaches: So that you can have confidence in your designs we can quickly assist you to test your new approaches without you having to build a prototype.
  • Optimize an existing design: We can help you to improve or prove your design if it needs to be larger, stronger, lighter, perform new functions or work under different conditions.
  • Troubleshoot problems with existing products: FEA gives you insights into the behavior of your existing product which may have failed during it’s service. To help determine the problem we can test the design in many different ways which may not be possible with the physical product.
  • Teach you how to use Simulation software: We can show you to use your simulation software more effectively and help you to better understand the results and how they will impact your design.

What sort of design problems do you need to solve?

We have created a short questionnaire so you can tell us what sort of design problems you are experiencing and the analysis or simulation requirements of your business.

Take our Simulation Questionnaire

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