Changing Board Layers and Colours in SOLIDWORKS PCB

Article by Justin Flett updated May 3, 2016


SOLIDWORKS PCB Board layers and colours can be easily configured by using the View Configurations tools.  This tool can be found under View > Switch to 3DView Configurations > View Configuration, or by simply clicking on the bottom left “LS” button (Layer Sets).  This will open the View Configurations manager that we can now use to control different board and layer colours.

SOLIDWORKS PCB Board Layers in View Configuration dialog

View Configurations

We can choose to hide or show and layer by using the checkboxes as well as change layer colours by simply clicking on the colour column and changing that specific layer colour.

If for example we would like to change the board area colour itself from black to a dark green, as well as making some changes to our signal layers to make the visibility clearer.  This process is shown in the SOLIDWORKS PCB video below.

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