How to use the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Move Tree Feature

Article by Justin Williams updated July 26, 2016


The benefits of copy tree and how to use it have been well documented.  Similar to Copy Tree, SOLIDWORKS 2015 and 2016 include the Move Tree feature, which instead of copying; will move partial or entire file and folder structures, including related drawings, to another folder or folders maintaining all references.

In this example, I’m going to move an assembly from a folder and separate the drawing files from the models.

The Move Tree feature can be accessed via Windows Explorer;

Select the assembly: Tools > Move Tree

I need all drawings to be moved also, so I’ll check the box within Settings to Include Drawings;

The majority of the files are going to go to the new folder \JavVault\Projects\New Flashlight Models, so I’ll update default destination to there:

I need the drawings to be saved in  \JavVault\Projects\New Flashlight Drawings so I’ll sort the files by type and select the two drawing files and edit their Destination Folder Path,

Then complete the process by selecting Move Tree;

Now the files are moved with drawings and models separated, references updated and the file history is maintained;

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