Learn how to design your Printed Circuit Boards with SOLIDWORKS [VIDEO]

Article by Rod Mackay updated August 19, 2016


SOLIDWORKS PCB is a new software offering focused on bringing the mechanical and electrical worlds closer together. You can not only develop the mechanical parts of your product in SOLIDWORKS but also design your printed circuit boards. SOLDWORKS PCB has been engineered specifically for SOLIDWORKS collaboration. Combining the best technology in PCB design with an easy-to-use interface and linking it with SOLIDWORKS CAD provides an efficient design experience that gets your PCBs done quickly and easily — just what you need when PCBs are an essential part of your product design workflow.

Discover how to use SOLIDWORKS PCB in our recorded webinar included below:

Learn more about SOLIDWORKS PCB

Read our recent blog posts for demo videos, images, and detailed explanations to help you understand the benefits of using SOLIDWORKS PCB for printed circuit boards. Or call 1-877-219-6757 and speak to an electrical expert.

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