How to control the visibility of bodies in your SOLIDWORKS Drawing Views

Article by Sanja Srzic updated August 19, 2016


In a SOLIDWORKS drawing, hiding/showing bodies can affect one view or all views.

Hide/Show a body from all views

Hiding/showing a body from the FeatureManager affects all views in the drawing and changes the visibility of the body in the model:

solidworks drawing view body

Hiding a body from the FeatureManager affects the model and all views

Body Hidden in All Views and in the Model

Body Hidden in All Views and in the Model


Hide/show a body from a single view

Hiding bodies from the view context menu applies to that view only:

Hide Body

Body is hidden only in the view in which the selection was made


Body Hidden in One View

Body Hidden in One View

Restore hidden bodies

A SOLIDWORKS drawing view body hidden in the view will be listed in View Properties, under Show/Hide Hidden Bodies.  To make a hidden body visible, delete it from the list of excluded bodies:

Show Bodies

Show Bodies

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