SOLIDWORKS Composer Animation Timeline Enhancements

Article by Justin Flett updated August 10, 2016


SOLIDWORKS Composer like all other SOLIDWORKS products is constantly being improved from year to year.  One of the biggest enhancements for the 2016 release in my mind has been the improvements made to the animation timeline.

In previous versions, the animation timeline had a limited number of rows representing the animation keys.  There was a row for properties, for camera views, and for digger keys.  These were navigated through the colors of the keys or by using the key filters.  In the screenshot below you can see how the animation timeline looks in the versions prior to 2016:

Animation Timeline 2015

Composer 2015 Animation Timeline

In SOLIDWORKS Composer 2016 a number of rows have been added to improve the timeline navigation as shown in the image below:

Animation Timeline

Composer 2016 Enhanced Animation Timeline

To show you exactly what each row refers to it has now be labelled in the timeline.  A location row and a viewport row have been added, and you can also see that the properties row now shows the most used properties in animations. Plus your key filters are displayed to improve timeline navigation even further!

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