How to manage SOLIDWORKS Drawing Note bullet/number spacing

Article by Mehdi Rezaei, CSWE updated August 25, 2016


We recently received questions about how to adjust the spacing between a SOLIDWORKS drawing note bullet or number and the associated text. The problem is shown in the following image. This becomes even more annoying if there is a very limited space to fit the notes in the drawing sheet.

SOLIDWORKS Drawing Note bullet and number

The Big Gap between the Bullets and Their Texts

How to Adjust the Spacing

By double-clicking on the text, a Formatting toolbar pops up. In this toolbar, the font type and size can be set and also the alignment for the text. In addition, bullets or numbering, and also indent properties can be assigned to the text. These settings are essentially the same as the ones you will find in Microsoft Word.

The last item is “Paragraph Properties“. Selecting that option brings up a new window in which the spacing can be adjusted. Another way of opening the Paragraph Properties window is by right-clicking on the text after being activated from a double-click.

Select Paragraph Properties to Adjust the Spacing

Select Paragraph Properties to Adjust the Spacing


Any changes either from the Formatting toolbar or Paragraph Properties window is only applied to selected text. For instance, if you need to apply line spacing for all lines then use select all. If you need to add bullets to a few lines, then only select those specific lines.

Paragraph Properties Window

The indent and line spacing settings are shown in the following image. Note that only the last four lines are selected, therefore, only the bullet points are modified in this case. The Paragraph Properties window allows you to properly adjust the spacing by selecting all or part of the text.

Adjust Indent and Line Spacings

Adjust Indent and Line Spacing

Learn more

To learn more about adjusting the SOLIDWORKS Drawing Note bullet and number properties you should plan to attend our SOLIDWORKS Drawings training course either live online or in a Canadian city near you.

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