How to convert a Static Study to a Nonlinear or Linear Dynamic Study in SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated September 30, 2016


SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2017 introduces the ability to take an existing Static Simulation study and convert it to a Nonlinear or Linear Dynamic study.  Any valid loads and boundary conditions will be copied to the new study.  Warnings are given if specific features from the source Static study fail to copy to the new study due to limitations (such as certain connectors and loads).

The new functionality is essentially an enhanced Duplicate option.  When you right-click on your Static study tab, the Duplicate option has now been replaced by Copy Study.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Copy Study

Copy Study

You can also right-click on the top level icon in your Simulation tree and choose Copy Study from the shortcut menu.

Copy Study from shortcut menu

Copy Study from shortcut menu

This brings up the PropertyManager with the option to make a copy of the Source Static study to a new target study, including Nonlinear and Linear Dynamic.  You can also choose a different configuration.

NOTE: Selecting Static as the Target Study is the same functionality as Duplicate is previous versions.  It makes a copy of the original Static study to a new Static study.

Copy Study PropertyManager

Copy Study PropertyManager

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