SOLIDWORKS 2017 Options to Improve Performance in Large Assembly Mode

Article by Mehdi Rezaei, CSWE updated October 28, 2016


Working with large assemblies in 3D CAD software can be very challenging due to dealing with heavy file load. In SOLIDWORKS there are tricks to handle large assemblies such as loading in lightweight or using SpeedPak. Now in SOLIDWORKS 2017, you can reduce the number of rebuilds and other time-consuming operations.

Here is the list of the SOLIDWORKS Large Assembly Options in SOLIDWORKS 2017:

  • Suspend automatic rebuild
  • Verification on Rebuild
  • Maximum Time to Update Center of Mass and Equations

As shown in the following image, you can select Suspend Automatic Rebuild or Disable Verification on Rebuild under Tools > Options > System Options > Assemblies.

SOLIDWORKS Large Assembly Options

SOLIDWORKS 2017 Large Assembly Options (on left)

Maximum Time to Update Center of Mass and Equations

In an active assembly, operations for the center of mass and equations linked to mass properties are updated only when they take 0.5 seconds or less. If the update takes more than 0.5 seconds, the center of mass and equations are marked with the rebuilt sign, and are not updated until you initiate a rebuild manually.

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