SOLIDWORKS Electrical Revision Clouds

Article by Justin Flett updated January 12, 2017


New to SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2017 is the ability to easily draw various revision clouds.  Revision clouds are commonly used in all industries to help call attention to certain areas where a revision was made, or should be made on a specific drawing.

These revision clouds are now easily created in SOLIDWORKS Electrical by simply using the new “Cloud” drawing command from the Draw ribbon.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Revision Clouds

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Revision Clouds

Three different forms can be used to represent the cloud; rectangular, elliptical or freehand. The forms can be directly selected in the ribbon, or in the dockable panel during the insertion.

Once a specific form is selected you can easily size the revision clouds to encompass whatever you would like on your drawings.

This new functionality will help improve readability to electrical drawings as well as improve the design efficiency for the electrical designers.

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