SOLIDWORKS 2017 Extrude from Context Toolbar within the Sketch Environment

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated January 22, 2017


SOLIDWORKS 2017 has added a new Context Toolbar button when you are in the sketching environment.  Adding an Extrude Boss/Base feature from a sketch is probably the most common feature.  So now once you’re done with your sketch, you can simply right-click and start an Extrude.  This is faster than going to the CommandManager to start the SOLIDWORKS Extrude when in the sketch environment.


SOLIDWORKS 2017 – New Context Toolbar Button in a Sketch to Extrude


If you are still stuck in the past (working with previous versions), you may not have known that you could always add a Feature to the Shortcut Bar in a sketch (the one that pops up when you hit the “S” key).  There are different environments and you may have noticed that the Sketch environment didn’t have an option to start the SOLIDWORKS Extrude.  But that shouldn’t stop you from customizing it!

  1. Tools > Customize
  2. Choose the Shortcut Bars tab
  3. Select the Sketch environment button
  4. Select ‘Features‘ from the drop down and add whatever feature you like
Customize Shortcut Bar in Sketch Environment

Customize Shortcut Bar in Sketch Environment

Now when you’re in the sketch, you can hit the “S” key and start right into a SOLIDWORKS Extrude.

Shortcut Bar in Sketch Environment to launch Extrude Boss/Base

Shortcut Bar in Sketch Environment to launch Extrude Boss/Base

You may also want to add Cut-Extrude to the Sketch Shortcut Bar which is also a common command from a single sketch.

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