How to save time with the SOLIDWORKS Magnified Selection Tool

Article by Sam Sharkawi updated January 20, 2017


Do you zoom in and zoom out when you need to select a face? Wish there was something that you can use in order to not have to scroll in and scroll out?

SOLIDWORKS has a command to help you save time when selecting entities called “Magnified Selection” which is defaulted to the “G” key on the keyboard.

For example if I wanted to select the thin extruded faces in order to add end caps to the weldment model shown in the figure below:

Weldment Model

Weldment Model

Instead of zooming in I can select the G-key to activate the SOLIDWORKS Magnified Selection window as shown below:

SOLIDWORKS Magnified Selection Window

Magnified Selection Window

With the magnified selection tool activate, it is easier to select entities, and I can zoom in and out within the tool and move it around using the cursor. By using this tool you can maintain the overall view and have a quicker selection method!

Learn about other helpful commands and techniques for selecting entities.

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