Linking a Note to a Table/BOM Cell in SOLIDWORKS 2017

Article by Saeed Mojarad (CSWE) updated January 3, 2017


We all know that notes are an important part of any engineering drawing and help to transfer vital information. One of the problems when dealing with drawings is to keep these notes up to date. The best solution for that problem is to automate the process and ask the software to take care of maintaining them. That is what SOLIDWORKS keeps doing every year. For example, last year SOLIDWORKS added the functionality to link a Note to a Balloon using Flag Notes. Now in SOLIDWORKS 2017, they improved the Note tool again and this time you can link a note to a BOM or hole table cell.

How to Link a Note to a Table Cell

As I mentioned you can link a note to the contents of any BOM or hole table cell. To do so first you need to insert a Note in your drawing with a table. Then double click on the Note and in the Property Manager browse to “Text Format” section and select “Link Table Cell”.

Drawing Note

Drawing Note

Next simply select a cell in the table that you want to link to your Note and press OK. You will see that the value of the cell is added to your text.

Note Linked

Note Linked

Because the note is linked to the table cell, when the cell value changes, the note updates as well.


Note and Cell linked

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