How to verify the Clearances in your SOLIDWORKS Assembly

Article by Sam Sharkawi updated February 3, 2017


When working in an assembly that requires specific clearances, you can check and verify clearances using the SOLIDWORKS Clearance Verification Tool located in the Evaluate tab of the CommandManager. Select the command to launch the PropertyManager shown below:

SOLIDWORKS Clearance Verification PropertyManager

Clearance Verification PropertyManager

When you select two components a dimension value is displayed to show the clearance between them, such as this example below:

Clearance distance

Clearance distance

You can zoom into the selection to get a better view of the clearance:

Zoomed in view of the clearance distance

Zoomed in view of the clearance distance

By using the Clearance Verification tool, you can check minimum clearances between parts and see if it fails to meet the clearances set; or if it passes and what the clearance value is.

The Clearance Verification tool is a quick and easy way to check the minimum distance between any two components or two faces!

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