How to transfer SOLIDWORKS Weldment Profile Material Properties to a Part

Article by Mehdi Rezaei, CSWE updated February 2, 2017


Did you know it is possible to add material properties to custom weldment profiles. This allows you to transfer the SOLIDWORKS Weldment Profile Material Properties to the weldment design. If more than one profile is used in the design, the weldment members could be defined with various materials all within the same part file.

Since the material is defined on the weldment profile file, then the material properties would show up in the cut-list and therefore can be called up in the drawing files. Although no material is specified for the part file, the mass properties, center of gravity, etc. would work correctly. Here is how to transfer SOLIDWORKS Material Properties:

  1. Create or open up a pre-made custom weldment profile;
  2. Specify a material in the feature manager tree (see the following image);
  3. Save and close the weldment profile file in SOLIDWORKS;
SOLIDWORKS Weldment Profile Material Properties

Add Material to Weldment Profile

  1. Create a new drawing and assign that custom weldment profile to the 2D or 3D sketch made for the weldment design;
  2. Make sure the “Transfer Material from Profile” option is checked;

Transfer Material from Weldment Profile to the Part Model

  1. Complete the profile assignment steps and finish using the Structural Member command; Now, you would see the same material has been transferred from the custom profile to the actual weldment design part file;

The Material is added to the Part Model

  1. Check out the cut-list by right clicking on the cut-list items and selecting Properties;
  2. As shown in the following image, the material is shown as one of the properies under the cut-list item properties.

The Added Material to the Profile Shows up under the Cut-List Properties

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