Update Training that will help you become a SOLIDWORKS Power User!

Article by Rod Mackay updated March 3, 2017


When it comes to learning what’s new in SOLIDWORKS there are many resources available to you. There are literally 100s of what’s new videos on the internet, a multitude of reference books, and of course the What’s New PDF document included with each release of the software. These resources are great at providing you with an overview of the new SOLIDWORKS features and often include a step-by-step guide on how to use them.

However the what’s new style of learning doesn’t really provide you with new skills or improve the way in which you use SOLIDWORKS; what’s new lessons tend to focus on helping you understand the new features but do not teach you best practices or time-saving techniques. If you are looking to become a SOLIDWORKS Power User with the latest software release then you need to take our SOLIDWORKS Advanced Update training course. Here’s why…

Update training that will improve YOU

The training course is based on the experience of our certified SOLIDWORKS experts who have learned best practices and new techniques through countless hours of using the latest versions of SOLIDWORKS, we want to pass these skills onto you, so that you can become a SOLIDWORKS expert.

Mates & Virtual Parts

Mates & Virtual Parts

By taking the update course you will:

  • Become much faster at using SOLIDWORKS
    • Learn how to reduce your mouse travel, the number of mouse clicks, and keystrokes.
    • Adopt best practices for creating and managing sketch entities, relations and dimensions.
    • Discover various techniques for quickly creating mirrored components with or without an assembly.
    • Learn advanced patterning techniques for automating the modeling process and reduce model content.
    • Learn how to create configurations 5—10 times faster!
  • Be able to create more organized and effective SOLIDWORKS parts
    • Learn how to structure the feature tree correctly so that you and other users waste less time trying to understand the design intent of a given model.
    • Learn advanced equation management techniques; including how to apply equations to features.
    • Learn how to use boolean operations to solve difficult modeling problems.
    • Learn how to troubleshoot and fix part errors, users report saving 10—30 minutes a day after learning troubleshooting techniques.
  • Build and manage SOLIDWORKS assemblies like an expert
    • Learn in-context design and how to use virtual parts during the planning phase of your design.
    • Be able to create inter-part relationships with or without using an assembly.
    • Know how to solve common assembly problems such as broken mates or missing files.
    • Learn assembly mate management techniques so you can easily find, change, and configure mates. Plus learn how to copy components with mates between documents.
    • Learn how to organize equipment and space with new Magnetic Mates.
    • Create super lightweight model version or Speedpak configuration, including published references.
    • Learn large assembly and drawing management techniques to enable you to open and start editing a large assembly in seconds instead of minutes.

Learn Skills not just new Features

After taking the training course customers have gained new skills so that they are better SOLIDWORKS users. Here are three skills that you will acquire during the training:

  1. Become a better modeller: You will have a deeper understanding of SOLIDWORKS and be a more efficient modeller. Creating parts that have fewer features, are easier for others to understand, and load faster.
  2. Be able to solve problems faster: You will be able to better deal with problems that occur when you are using SOLIDWORKS. Resolving rebuild errors, mate errors, and missing components.
  3. Be a more efficient designer: You will know how to optimize your components and manage them more effectively. Including applying equations and configurations the right way in SOLIDWORKS.

“Instructor was able to answer any questions we had. We learned a lot of ways to speed up our design process”

— Paul Sabadus, Radix

Multiple ways to take the course

The 3 day training course is delivered by a Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert and can be taken either in a local classroom (there are training centres all over Canada), live over the web (shorter sessions, course duration is 5 days, 4 hours/day) with our tried and tested online training delivery method, or on-site at your location. When the training is delivered on-site we can customize the course to suit the needs of your team.

SOLIDWORKS Expert taking an Advanced Update Training Class

SOLIDWORKS User taking an Advanced Update Training Class

Also we realize that some customers are upgrading but not to the latest version and are moving up to a prior release. Again we can accommodate your training requirements and deliver training on the version that your team is updating to.

Contact Us to Get Pricing

So if you are planning on upgrading to SOLIDWORKS 2018 and would like to learn new skills while taking advantage of the latest features ask us about pricing; or inquire about a custom course specifically for the version you are upgrading to. ACT NOW as the course fills up quickly and our SOLIDWORKS experts are always busy with custom upgrade training.

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