Global Petroleum Show will welcome unique exhibitor and presenter Javelin

Article by Karen Majerly updated May 18, 2017


Live demos of the entire suite of SOLIDWORKS® software. An operating 3D printer. Presentations by energy industry leaders. And the chance to view and interact with SOLIDWORKS designs in mixed reality using the Microsoft HoloLens.

This is the stuff Javelin Technologies is made of, and a few of the reasons that 50,000 energy professionals from 90 countries will have the chance to visit their booth in the exclusive Digital Oilfield Zone at the 49th Global Petroleum Show at Calgary’s Stampede Park, June 13 to 15, 2017.

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD for oil and gas processing equipment

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD for oil and gas processing equipment

“We definitely enjoy amazing people with our technology,” said John Creelman, Javelin’s Western Canada Sales Manager. “Our partners and products are exceptional and exciting. At the same time, the day-to-day, practical applications of all this cool tech is changing the way designers work and having a huge impact on overall productivity and the bottom line. We can point to lots of examples of this among our customers in the energy sector, where speed and efficiency are more important than ever before.”

Javelin is a popular Canadian reseller for SOLIDWORKS software and the full range of Stratasys 3D printers, and is a leading training provider. The company had its beginnings in Oakville, Ontario in 1997 and now has additional locations in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Dartmouth. Celebrating 20 years in business in 2017, Javelin has supported more than 4,000 Canadian companies. In 2016, Canadian Business and PROFIT named Javelin as one of the Fastest-Growing Information Technology Companies on the PROFIT 500 list.

Javelin will be set up at the Global Petroleum Show in booth 2117. Regular demos will highlight the benefits of the most popular and robust SOLIDWORKS solutions, including 3D computer-aided design (CAD) software; Simulation; Electrical & PCB; Large Assembly Design; 3D Interconnect; and PDM (for data management). Javelin will also feature Aras PLM (for product lifecycle management).

Interact with designs in virtual reality

Javelin’s sister company, Cinema Suite, will demonstrate how the Microsoft HoloLens brings SOLIDWORKS models to life. It’s a head-mounted device that displays designs as holograms (about the size of a small car) that you can interact with using your hands.

“The team at Cinema Suite develops software for game designers and filmmakers, and specializes in 3D product animations and mixed reality,” Creelman said.

“We’re working together to help designers create holograms of their SOLIDWORKS assemblies for product development, design reviews, interactive hands-on training, and marketing. This is truly what we love to do – to change the game in 3D.”

Microsoft HoloLens for Oil and Gas

Microsoft HoloLens for SOLIDWORKS Oil and Gas Models

3D printing demo and parts

Javelin representatives also expect a lot of interest in their live 3D printing demonstration, complete with an operating printer from the Stratasys F123 series. Using up to four different materials at once, the F170 can produce prototypes and strong, accurate parts, has a large print size, and is quiet and office-friendly.

Stratasys F123 Series

Stratasys F123 Series

Visitors to Javelin’s booth can see and touch 3D-printed parts used in the energy sector.

3D Printed Drill Bit

3D Printed Drill Bit

Seminar focuses on improving productivity

On June 14, Javelin’s Peter Kjellbotn will present “Productivity Gains with SOLIDWORKS for Oil & Gas,” part of the Digital Oilfield Knowledge Bar seminar series, which features experts in advanced information technology and engineering. Kjellbotn is Javelin’s Simulation Product Manager, and says top businesses are integrating SOLIDWORKS 3D design products and processes to streamline workflow and succeed in demanding and challenging markets.

“The work of the engineering team is connected to every other department – manufacturing, quality, marketing. Using design validation and analysis tools in SOLIDWORKS Simulation allows you to eliminate errors, cut development costs, improve product performance, and ensure that your equipment can withstand conditions on the oilfield.”

Javelin is online at and, and on Twitter and Instagram as @javelintech.

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