Adding a Multi-Line Leader in SOLIDWORKS Composer

Article by Justin Flett updated May 4, 2017


A question we often receive from customers is…how to create a SOLIDWORKS Composer Multi-line Leader?  In this article, I will discuss how to quickly create and remove multi-line leaders in Composer.

Notice that once a label or callout is selected or highlighted, a plus sign appears on the right or left hand side of the label as shown in the image below.

Adding Multi-Line Leaders

Adding Multi-Line Leaders

Simply clicking and dragging on this plus sign will generate a second line to your labels, and from here you can drag to whenever you would like to locate the leader lines.  Using this same method, you can create as many additional lines as you would like.

Finally, if you ever have the need to remove or delete a few of the lines within your multi-line leaders you can simply reverse the process.  You can grab the line endpoint, click and drag it back over the plus sign to remove the line.

SOLIDWORKS Composer Multi-line Leader

Multi-Line Leaders attached to Actor

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