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Article by Justin Flett updated May 5, 2017


SOLIDWORKS Electrical is often used as a collaborative software between multiple users.  In this case, you can have many users all connected to the same shared database which holds all electrical information such as current projects, symbols, electrical components and so on.  Here you would most likely want to host all of this information on a network drive or server machine, and can then have all of your clients or users of the software point to this network location in order to share and collaborate on all their work.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical can also be used in a non-collaborative environment or perhaps by a single user.  In this case, all the electrical databases and information may be stored in a local environment.

In either case, you may need to point the user software to the correct location to find these databases whether they be located locally on your machine or on a shared network.  Luckily the process to point to one or the other, or even to change back and forth is very simple!

Adjusting Application Settings

The connection setting can be changed within SOLIDWORKS Electrical software, navigate to the “Tools” tab and then “Application Settings”. The dialog is shown below:

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Application Settings dialog

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Application Settings dialog

From the screenshot below you can see you will want to change where your client machines point to, and get the network machine information.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Databases

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Databases

Depending if you want to be point to the local machine or our server machine you will want to change the fields above to either the server machine name or the local machine name.  Changing the values of these fields will automatically connect to the databases required, on either the server end or local end depending on your own preferences or requirements.

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