Adding SOLIDWORKS Predefined Views to Drawing Templates

Article by Justin Flett updated May 3, 2017


When creating drawing templates, you can include a number of settings and options to help customize your template to meet your exact requirements. One way to customize your drawing template is to add specific SOLIDWORKS predefined views as required.

Let’s say for example the majority of our products require a front view, a right view, a top view, and an isometric view. Rather than having to create these exact same four views for every single new drawing we create, we can create a drawing template with these four “pre-defined” views in our drawing.  To insert any predefined views we may want we can navigate to Insert > Drawing View > Predefined, and insert predefined views as needed.

Inserting SOLIDWORKS Predefined Views

Inserting SOLIDWORKS Predefined Views

Now, we can save this out as a drawing template let’s call this template ‘B_Size_ANSI_4View’ for example.  After saving the template, whenever you use this template to create a drawing it will automatically be populated by four views we just predefined.

Using a New Template

Using a New Template

As you can see in this example the top plate is automatically given the four specified views in the drawing.  This can be a huge time saving when creating drawing templates, as you can not only insert the exact vies you need but you can also set up those view locations and settings to help automate drawing procedures even further!

Our 4 view template automatically creating views

Our 4 view template automatically creating views

Learn more about Drawings

To learn more about drawing templates and views try our SOLIDWORKS Drawing training course either live online or a in a Canadian classroom near you.

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