SOLIDWORKS PCB Export Copper Traces

Article by Justin Flett updated May 17, 2017


One of the many advantages of SOLIDWORKS PCB is its ability to export PCB copper and traces into your mechanical models.  This not only is a huge advantage for marketing and visual representation purposes but it can also be useful for simulations and heat flow analysis.  For example, we could apply our actual copper material to these traces and simulate standard voltage and current levels to give insight to heat flow within our electronics.

SOLIDWORKS PCB Export Copper Traces

Copper Export Options

To export the 3D CAD file including all copper traces we can simply go to the Outputs tab and select the Parasolid export option.  Within our Parasolid export option we will have a number of options of what exactly we would like to include in our export.  Here we can export all copper traces if we would like.

Once exported we can open within SOLIDWORKS and we will have our full PCB in 3D CAD format including all copper traces which can then be used for visualization, marketing, or heat flow simulation purposes as we may see fit.

SOLIDWORKS Assembly with Copper

SOLIDWORKS Assembly with Copper

For more information about SOLIDWORKS PCB

Read our recent blog post for a demo video, images, and detailed explanation to help potential users understand the benefits of SOLIDWORKS PCB. Or call 1-877-219-6757.

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